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The Slave Series

Dark in nature and with steamy sex scenes, these books tackle the theme of slavery.
They are empowering stories of strong women in difficult circumstances.
If you can handle raw emotions, some violence, and a lot of sex, then these books are for you.

Clashing Colors

This series is contemporary romance with humor and depth.
What if the person you fell in love with was your exact opposite and you didn’t share values or agreed on… well anything!
Each book in this series is very different in tone and style, but they are quirky and will have you laughing, crying, and turning pages all night long.

Men of the North

Set 400 years in the future, this dystopian sci-fi romance series is already gathering a huge group of loyal fans.
On one side of the border are the alpha men, and on the other are the soft spoken women who rule the world.
It’s a clash of cultures that will have you reflect on how we live today. Readers call the books sexy, funny, intelligent, provoking and absolutely addictive.