Elin Peer 

The new and upcoming author that has bloggers and fans raving about her books.


What readers are saying

5_StarsCouldn't put book down! AMAZING read!

By Erin Marsh
This is an extrodinary book! I was instantly hooked. The author is very descriptive which makes you feel as if you know the characters right off the bat. I bought all the books in the series and couldn't be more thankful as I couldn't wait to read the second book which is equally as good. Elin Peer is on her 5th book to the series and as soon as it is published I will be buying. This is a definite book club read! Will bring tons of discussion. I have recommeded this book and have received nothing but raves on it. Thank you Elin for allowing us readers to enjoy this suspensful, hopeful, encouraging series. I hope there will be many more novels written by you.


By Bruce Midgley
It is hard to believe that Elin Peer is a first time author. After reading the first instalment in a day, I immediately bought 2 and then later 3. The characters are real, and she doesn't fluff out the story with endless descriptions of coffee tables and the colour and style of the curtains etc. Funny, sad, exciting and sexy all rolled into one. A great read and I would recommend this to anyone who likes a book they can't put down. I am looking forward to reading more from this very talented story teller.

5_StarsCould not put down!!

By Ashlyn
This book was a great attention grabber from the start, and it is one that I could not put down till I was finished! It leads with a strong heroine, Aya, who doesn't give up what she wants, to go home. It transports you to a different part of the world where wars rage and time seems reversed. Her counterpart is a mystery at first until we really get to know him, by then he's already won your heart. I can't wait to see where their story goes from here! A definite must-read!

Amazing storyline by an amazing author5_Stars

By Erika
Wow. The author wrote an amazing, heart wrenching book. This is every woman's worse nightmare come to life. However, Aya finds solace with Kato. This is a must read book! It will have you flying through the pages to know what happens next. You'll be desperate to have the next book once you have finished with this one! Will Kato be the hero Aya needs him to be?

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