Men of the North


Men of the North #1: The Protector

400 years in the future, men are few and women rule the world.

Except for the area formerly known as Canada and Alaska, which is inhabited by the Men of the Northlands, a group of strong men, who refuse to be ruled by women.

Christina Sanders, an archeologist and professor in history, is fascinated with the past. As a modern woman of 2437 she knows that women are better off without men, but longing for an adventure, she makes a spontaneous decision and volunteers for a job no one else wants. Now she’s going to lead an archeological excavation in the Northlands, the most secluded place on earth where the mythical males live who are rumored to be as brutal and dangerous as the men Christina has read about in her history books.

What will happen when Christina crosses into the men’s territory? Will the men allow her to do her job and is there any way they’ll let her leave again – unharmed?

The Protector is the first book in Elin Peer’s new romantic drama series Men of the North.

Don’t pick up this book unless you’re prepared to be sucked in and forget about time and place. In her last two series, Elin has proven that she is a master of bringing her characters to life with strong dialogue and plot twists that will have you turning pages all night.

Get The Protector and get transported to the future in this exciting new series today!

The Protector (Men Of The North Book 1)




Men of the North #2: The Ruler

400 years in the future, women control the world but Khan Aurelius, ruler of the last free men, is determined to take back the power that has been denied men for centuries.Outnumbered by far, he knows that women need to give up their power willingly and with one of their councilwomen as a hostage, he’s certain he can influence her with his superior male intellect. She is justa soft woman, after all.

Councilwoman Pearl has sacrificed herself to save an innocent priestess. Trapped in the Northlands, her soft voice and sugar-coated view of the world doesn’t impress Khan, who constantly challenges her by playing his mind games to corrupt her and see things his way. It’s a battle of words and wills when the two intelligent rulers clash. Will Pearl succeed in bringing enlightenment and democracy to the primitive Nmen or will Khan corrupt her with his charm first?

The Ruler is the second installment in Elin Peer’s Men of the North series that offers, drama, humor, and romance in a fabulous blend that will have you longing for more.

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The Ruler (Men Of The North Book 2)

Here is a snippet from The Ruler

“Christina, have you ever heard about something called ‘the walk of shame?’ I asked late one night when we stood by ourselves in the corner of the living room.
She was arranging the brown curls that always escaped her braid. “The walk of shame?”
“Yes, I came across that expression in a book and I’m not sure what it means.”
Christina furrowed her brow. “I could find out.”
“Boulder made sure I have access to their Internet. You know they built on top of the old one from before the war. That means that some things are still there.”
“But you can’t trust the old Internet. Most of the content was deleted or falsified during the war,” I argued.
“I know, but for archeological research it’s great, and I’ll bet we can find a definition for the walk of shame. Come on.” Christina took my hand and pulled me quietly along, out of the living room and up the stairs to her and Boulder’s suite.
Feeling like a rebel for escaping my prison guard, or “protector” as Khan liked to call himself, I sprinted up the stairs with her.
The men had their backs to us and were discussing something business-related.
“Hurry,” Christina whispered and took the last ten steps two at a time, ushering me inside her room.
“You think they noticed?” she asked, out of breath, and leaned her back against the inside of her door as if prepared to have it knocked down any second.
“They will soon,” I said with a grin, adrenaline pumping through my veins.
“Then we’d better hurry,” she concluded and pushed away from the door, activating her wrist band. “Access Internet,” she instructed. “Look up definition of walk of shame.”
A female voice answered. “Walk of shame. An instance of walking back home on the day after an unplanned casual sexual encounter, typically dressed in the same clothes as the previous evening.”
I scrunched my face. “You think fashion meant that much to them?”
“Apparently so,” Christina mused. “Imagine shaming someone for wearing the same clothes two days in a row.” Christina shook her head. “I’ve done that plenty of times.”
“Me too. People truly were extreme back then,” I pointed out. “But there was also a different expression I wondered about,” I said. “Try looking up jackin' the beanstalk.”
“Okay.” Christina had only managed to say the command before the door was flung open and Khan and Boulder rushed in.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Khan was in my face. “Are you stupid?”
“No,” I said, my heart racing. Mother of all good, he was so close I could see every eyelash surrounding the normally golden-brown eyes that were now darkened by fury.
“What were you two up to?” Boulder asked Christina in a disapproving tone.
“Nothing,” she said innocently, trying to silence the virtual assistant, who was defining the expression I had asked about.
Boulder and Khan exchanged a glance when the last words were spoken.
“Repeat,” Boulder ordered and the virtual assistant started up again.
“Jackin’ the beanstalk, one of many euphemisms for masturbation e.g. slappin' the salami, jacking off, beating off, buffing the bishop, gleaning the obscene bean, choking the chicken, spanking the monkey, waxing the wanker, greasing the guppy.” She kept going while both men turned to stare at us with disbelief.
“Exactly what are you researching?” Boulder asked Christina, who ratted me out by exclaiming, “Pearl was curious about some expressions that she didn’t understand.”
Khan’s lips pursed up in a devious smile. “Were you?”
“No – I mean yes – but if I’d known the meaning, I wouldn’t have.”
“You’re curious about how men masturbate?”
“It’s just a misunderstanding,” I said quickly but Khan was already leaving the room and it was implicit that I should follow.
Walking out the door I threw a last glance over my shoulder and saw Boulder’s eyes soften as he walked over to Christina. She would be all right, but looking at the way Khan stormed down the stairs I also knew that I was in a big load of trouble.
“Khan,” I called after him, but he headed straight for his suite with me on his heels and slammed the door as soon as we were inside.
“Khan,” I tried again and this time he turned around, and with a pissed-off expression he backed me up against the wall.
“You think this is a joke?” he muttered threateningly.
“You’re a hostage, Pearl.”
I swallowed hard.
“Say it!” he demanded.
“I’m a hostage,” I said quickly. “I think that’s been established.”
“Then why the fuck do you think you’re the lady of the house and can waltz around as you please?”
“I don’t think that,” I protested. “We were only gone for a few minutes.”
With a finger pointing in my face, Khan growled softly. “You will never pull shit on me like that again or I’ll punish you for it.”
The way he towered over me with his giant frame and raw masculinity was intimidating, and my legs shivered slightly.
“Enough with all your shouting and threats.” I held up a hand as a shield. “I heard you the first time.”
“Hearing and understanding isn’t the same,” he growled and pressed against me, physically making a point that he was bigger, stronger, and far more menacing than me.
“If you break your word, I can break mine too.” His eyes were blazing into mine and his lips grazed over my lips in a sensual way that made me push at him. He didn’t budge but kept me encased with his body and masculine scent.
I swallowed hard, for once not able to find words.
“It’s not a threat, Pearl, it’s a promise. You do it again and I will punish you any way I please.”